Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quick Thoughts On the Use of Protein

This is a nice idea I think, as posted here from Men's Fitness. I could understand how slowly drinking a protein shake mid-workout and having it for the duration could be beneficial. I do have a couple of quick additional comments on the use of protein as well. I do adhere to drinking a quality whey isolate post-workout. We all know that we need that immediate boost of quality amino acids afterwards to help build and repair that quality muscle that we all work hard to achieve for power and strength. I also use a quality whey casein to start out my mornings. I do this so because I do not workout until later during the day. What the casein will do is distribute the protein to your muscles slowly throughout the day. This works for me. Do any of you do this or something similar to this? Let me know your thoughts!!

Click the link below to read their article. Afterwards, come back to my page and give me your thoughts and ideas!


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