Monday, March 22, 2010

Dumbbell Swing with Split Jerk

Got an email today from Zach Even-Esh regarding DB Olympic Lifts. It got me thinking about this DB lift variation combining the Swing & the Split Jerk that I have used in the past. After viewing it again, I'm gonna add it back to my workout. Nice movement to build strength and power! We can always use a little more of that! Here is the link that I originally found this on, as provided by Straight To The Bar. Enjoy! 





Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Renegade Get-Up by Joe Hashey

I have been following and have always been impressed by Joe Hashey of Synergy Athletics. He is a known author and contributor of various strength training methods. Recently, he shared one of his core strength movements from his book, Bull Strength Manual. The movement he featured was the Renegade Get-Up. I would describe it as a hybrid movement of a T-push up, windmill, and Turkish Get-Up. I tried it and was instantly convinced that I had to add this to my training.

I urge you to click this link to his Synergy Athletics website and find out How To Do Renegade Get-Ups. For information about his Bull Strength Manual, click here.



Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Midwest Strength & Conditioning Clinic

This Saturday, the Midwest Strength & Conditioning Clinic is being held at McHenry Community College in Crystal Lake, IL. I will definitely be attending. You can never have too much knowledge!

For more info, just click the link below.



Wong's top 10 ways to get Lean... fast!

Right now, I'd like to share with you an excerpt from an email I received from top MMA trainer, Eric Wong, titled "Wong's top 10 ways to get Lean... fast!" Very sound advice from who knows a lot about getting fighters in top shape. I hope you find his top 10 list beneficial.

"...I've been getting a lot of questions from guys about how to lean up lately...

Not sure if it's got to do with the nice weather we're having and the imposing shirtless days at the beach, but I thought I'd give you my Top 10 ways to get lean fast...
Everyone loves Top 10 lists right?
This one will some good, actionable advice mixed with irreverent humour. Thanks CagePotato.
Well OK then let's get at it:
  1. Drink only WATER all day, everyday (and maybe some herbal tea without honey or sugar)
  2. Dedicate 1 day a week to eating whatever the heck you want
  3. The rest of the time, eat nothing but meats you cook yourself, fruit, vegetables and carbs only after training
  4. Set a time to go to the grocery store twice a week
  5. If you're gonna drink, do it only once a week, but make sure you go to a bar to do it and hit on the girlfriend of the biggest guy in the bar... you're bound to burn off some of the calories in the scuffle (or at least you'll diet in jail)
  6. Stick to a training program and make PROGRESS every workout
  7. Eat at half the speed you currently eat and if you feel kinda full, ask yourself, "Am I satisfied now?" and if you are, stop eating
  8. Fail to plan, plan to fail - PLAN ahead the night before what you're going to eat and when and make sure you have it
  9. Before continuing, drop down and do as many pushups as you can... Do this every time you find yourself browsing the internet mindlessly.
And the #10 strategy for getting lean fast is...
10. Set a goal and a date, then give someone $500 (or better yet, $1000) and tell them they get to keep it if you don't hit your goal. If you don't have the cash, give them something you value more than the cash.
That's it!
Hopefully you can take something away from this if your goal is to get lean. But if you just take 1 thing, do #10!

Your coach,

  • Good, solid advice from this native of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I'd like to offer my thanks to Coach Wong for his continued guidance in the realm of MMA conditioning. If you're interested in his "Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program", just follow this link, 

Thanks for reading!


  • Saturday, March 13, 2010

    The Strength Shop 27 Matty-Made Jungle Gym

    The Virginia Beach Beast does it again! This is great grip and bodyweight work at its best! Nice set-up he put together! Check it out!

    Friday, March 12, 2010

    Nice Buzzle Article About Underground Strength Training

    I'd like to share this nice article I found that was written by Lynn Van Dyke. If you didn't realize this by now, I'm a huge advocate for this style of training. It isn't the only style of training I adhere to but this is at the top of my list. Click the link to view the original article or just read on and enjoy!

    Go Undergrounders!

    Underground Strength Training

    Underground Strength Training is the hottest and newest craze in fitness. Tires, kettlebells, sandbags and much more are used to increase strength and power.

    Underground Strength Training – Subculture Of Beliefs

    Being an underground group is a euphemism for a subculture with unifying beliefs. The subculture could be related to politics or music or religion. But it is usually a tight group of people that believe in their cause with a passion.

    If you believe in exercising and developing strength, there is no reason to go underground. Strength training is a subject that is not whispered about behind closed doors or in dark tunnels. It is a current health issue topic that has value for everyone.

    Underground Strength Training – Radical Change

    Often a subculture has radical views, which is one reason why they go underground. Strength training is viewed as radical exercise by some, but the truth is it is just good physical conditioning sense. You can always become a radical and workout with weights for hours every day.

    But the average person does not have the time or desire for such an intensive program. What they want is strength training that conditions and tone and provides basic good health. 
    • Maximum muscle strength related to good physical condition
    • Strength endurance
    • Muscle Flexibility
    • Balance and coordination
    Most people who go to the gym aren’t looking for a radical underground. Strength training is more a program to create well being and improve general conditioning.

    Many want good muscle tone, but not bulging muscles. But there are men and women who need high intensity strength training. If there were an underground group of exercise radicals, they might sign up!

    •  Athletes in all sports who compete to win
    •  Bodybuilders who emphasize large muscles
    •  Weight lifters who need maximum strength to lift the greatest number of pounds
    •  Exercisers who are advanced and always looking for a challenge for self-improvement
     If you joined this group in their underground, strength training would be your passion! You can find more about intensive strength training programs by visiting this website.

     Underground Strength Training – Guerrilla Warfare

     Political groups often go underground. Strength training is part of their regimen for preparedness. You are not a guerrilla, and you aren’t preparing for war. But what you are doing is preparing to become fit. Most of us need to start with the basics.

    •  Tighten glutes with squats and leg presses 
    •  Strengthen calves with bent knee calf raises
    •  Target abdomen core muscles with crunches and curls
    •  Strengthen quadriceps with leg extensions
    •  Improve posture with back muscle strengthening planks
    •  Improve hip flexibility with leg lifts 
    • Strengthen chest muscles with push-ups or bench presses 
    • Develop arm strength with curls and kickbacks
    The rule of thumb is to begin with the larger muscle groups. This way you are doing the toughest exercises before you begin to deplete your body’s energy.

     If you were one of the radical exercisers underground, strength training would involve an assortment of conventional and unconventional routines that push your muscles to the limit.

     But for a daily exercise regimen for the average person, strength training does not require a lot of fancy equipment. It does require an understanding of the muscles in the body.

    Strength training is for everyone. There is traditional training done in the gym, or there are the more intense programs that push bodies to the limit. Whichever program you choose, above or underground, strength training equates to being fit for life.

    About the Author

    Lynn VanDyke is a Master Personal Trainer and fitness nutritionist. This is who she uses and recommends for underground strength training practices and techniques.

    By Lynn VanDyke