Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Down to the CORE!!

Not gonna have time tonight to hit the gym but it's not a reason to skip my workout. Gonna do a "garage workout" when I get home. Gonna hit my core and the posterior chain tonight.

Here it goes.

1) 25 Bodyweight Squats
2) 20 Mountain Climbers
3) 25 Hindu Squats
4) 20 One Leg Burpees (10 for each leg)

Main Workout
Homemade 40 lbs. Bulgarian Bag (2 Set Mini-Circuit)
1A) Swings (10 reps to each side)
1B) Power Snatch (15 reps)
1C) Windmill (10 reps to each side)

Homemade 75 lbs. Sandbag (2 Set Mini-Circuit)
2A) Power Cleans (10 reps)
2B) Zercher Squats (10 reps)
2C) Sandbag Shouldering (10 reps to each side)

Sledgehammer Swings in the Air (2 Set Mini-Circuit)
3A) Driving the Fence Post (10 reps to each side)
3B) The Fireman (10 reps to each side)
3C) Chop the Tree (10 reps to each side)

Battling Ropes (2 Set Mini-Circuit)
4A) Alternating Waves (20 reps)
4B) In and Out Waves (20 reps)
4C) Side-to-Side Waves (10 reps to each side)

Cool Down
Light static stretching using several yoga movements to open up my core area from my hips up to my abs.

The heart will be pumping big time after this one folks! One thing about me that I will admit, I LOVE VARIETY!

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